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Inaugurated in 2003, African Foods & Beverages (AFB) represents Zenufa Group of Companies' organizational diversity. A short history that has bore witness to the intensity and competitiveness of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) economic climate has seen African Foods & Beverages cement its place as one of Congo’s largest local foods and beverages manufacturers.
A determination to providing a comprehensive range of products of the highest quality at affordable prices has assured AFB’s longevity and prosperity. African Foods & Beverages continues to build on a strong platform in the perseverance of excellence for the Congolese people.
African Foods & Beverages boasts two fully comprehensive world-class manufacturing facilities. The Kinshasa plant caters to the production of goods sold primarily in the West, North, and South-West regions of Congo with the Lubumbashi facility addressing the needs of Central, East, and South Congo.
The newest technologies and manufacturing practices facilitate the assurance of a quality manufacturing process from beginning to end. African Foods & Beverages’ commitment to bringing the best product to market compliments its dedication to excellence.
African Foods & Beverages' product mix encompasses a strong and diverse offering. Being the first local manufacturer of mineral water, AFB's presence in the mineral water market is unmatched as Paani is a mineral water brand leader.
African Foods & Beverages also offers more than ten products in their alcohol product mix, with the most popular brands being Push Café, Rum Cola, and Push Tangawisi. AFB is also constantly developing and testing new products for which a void in the marketplace exists.
African Foods & Beverages embodies the highest of foods and beverages manufacturing standards, prioritizing Quality Control through the entire manufacturing process. With mineral water being the flagship product of the African Foods & Beverages Brand, it is essential for AFB to maintain and enforce particular quality standards in a commitment to provide the purest mineral water. AFB’s on-site Quality Control Laboratory facilitates the rigorous control and assurance in quality of our product, be it water or alcohol, from Mixing, Filling, Packaging, and ultimately Distribution.
African Foods & Beverages regularly submits samples to the Ministry of Health in a collaborative effort to maintain the highest quality standards. AFB also frequently participates in Audits from the 8eme Direction, the National Food and Drug Authority.
A platform representing the availability of its Products throughout the DRC encouraged African Foods & Beverages to establish its own network of outlets in all the major cities of the DRC. With two manufacturing facilities, each is strategically located to cater to its regional markets. AFB currently operates its own outlets in:
• Kinshasa
• Lubumbashi
• Matadi
• Kikwit
• Goma
• Mbandaka
• Kisangani
These distribution centers are advantageously situated to make AFB products available to their surrounding markets, like Lubumbashi which caters to Mbuji Mayi, Likasi, Kolwezi, and Zambia.
African Foods & Beverages symbolizes the Congolese Entrepreneurial Spirit and embodies the highest commitment to a Quality Product for a Quality People. AFB is regularly recognized for their dedication to providing the DRC with products representing the highest standards. AFB is also often recognized for their contribution to the development and prosperity of the DRC's economic environment. Most recently the World Confederation of Businesses honored African Foods & Beverages with a 2009 BizzAward ( The award recognizes organizations that best represent a commitment to the quality and progress of the economic fabric of Africa.
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